Land New Clients and Get Your Business Noticed

Want your business to grow on a regular basis? If so, you have to think out of the box and do something different from everyone else and you have to change the way you’re used to doing things as well.

The following 7 steps will help you to land new clients and get your business noticed:

1. Be bold.

Get out of the rut and do something different. Stand on the sidewalk, have a contest, schedule an after-hours event and invite the local dance team or karate club to perform. Not only will it be free entertainment, you can be sure that moms, dads and grandparents will show up.

2. Be creative.

What interests you? Find a way to incorporate that into your business. Are you a photographer? If so, display your photos, put them on your blog or get your clients to take photos for you. Create a stir and make some noise!

3. Give up your insecurities.

If you feel insecure about your business, then find a way to remove all doubts about you and what you stand for. That attitude will show more than you can imagine.

4. Get social.

Get your business on the internet by using a website or a blog. Everyone likes to search for information about a business and you can be they are searching about you too – where are you? When you create a blog and write about your business, the reader can learn more about you, your staff and your products.

5. Get some new business cards.

Add your email address, website and mostly a PHOTOGRAPH of yourself. This way the receiver will never forget your face. Isn’t that the true meaning of a business card? Announce your business details and introduce yourself. Add some zing to your business cards by creating them yourself. You can do this easily by using Microsoft Office or Microsoft Publisher. If you need ideas, check out the templates with a wide range of selections and layouts. Go through your business card file and pull out 5 or 6 that stand out. What do you like about them? Find the best elements from all of them and incorporate them into your business card makeover.

6. Contact local groups and organizations.

Offer to give a free 20-minute informative speech. This talk can be about the economy, voting, stamping or anything that is informative. Don’t sell your product, just get out in front of the public and get noticed.

7. Give something away.

Before the audience leaves, ask them to put their cards in for a free drawing. The gift can be your product or just a gift card. What you receive is business cards with names and contact information of potential clients.

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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