Magnetise your Website without any Bells or Whistles

You can hire the best web designer in town and add on every bell and whistle known to man; but if your web site lacks a compelling, client-magnetic messaging, it will not make you much money. In fact, it may not make you any money at all!

So what, you may be thinking, makes for compelling, client-magnetic messaging? I shall return the question to you: What would grab and hold your attention on a website?
What would make you keep coming back and telling others about it?

From years of helping others develop client-attractive messaging, I can tell you, if your website includes the following 8 messages, for the reasons given, it will get the attention of your intended audience.

1. Your audience

The message:  The intended audience is clearly identified, so they recognise themselves or their friends as soon as they land on any page of your web site! Ambiguity leads to indifference and inactivity; two things you do not want!

The why: Your audience is clearly defined, so they know you are talking to them. When your audience is not clear, no one takes notice! Have you ever had experience leading people where you said, “Somebody, do this,” and nobody did it? The same principle applies to your web copy. This is one occasion when you want people to take things personally. So, name them to gain them!

2. What’s the Problem?

The message: The problems your audience grapples with are clearly identified in your web copy, together with reassurance that you are able to help solve them;

The why: The problems you solve are evident in your message, so that those with this problem know you can help them with what keeps them up at night! And people can refer others to you because they know what specific problems you solve.

3. Your speciality

The message: The outcomes you deliver are exactly what they are looking for, and clearly spelt out on your site. This is where your sharp definition of your ideal client and thorough market research comes in handy!

The why: Your unique difference is expressed, so that your audience knows why they should contact you, and not any of the other gazillion people who offer what you do. Note that your unique difference will resonate with some and not others. However, you cannot delight everyone, so those who resonate with you are your best targets. Your difference will attract these people and make your work more pleasant as well as more profitable!

4. The outcome

The message: There is evidence that you have helped other people just like them get what they are looking for, in the form of testimonials and recommendations;

The why: You show what outcomes you facilitate and if that is what someone is looking for, they are more likely to contact you. For example in the case of two wealth coaches; Wealth Coach A helps you get out of debt and Wealth Coach B helps you become a millionaire! Those who are struggling with debt will be attracted to Wealth Coach A. Those who have no debt issues but want to make their first million will be attracted to Wealth Coach B. But if they did not specify the outcomes they facilitate they would end up looking like every other “generic wealth coach,” appealing to no one in particular. And when there is such a wide, generic pool to choose from people tend not to make any choice at all! So get them choosing you by telling them what outcomes you facilitate. And provide social proof in the form of testimonials and recommendations!

5. Simplicity

The message: Your copy is simple enough for a ten year old to read and understand, and is jargon free, considering that the average adult has a primary school reading ability level;

The why: Your message is easy enough for even a 10 year old to understand! Jargon and catchy-coined phrases may sound great to you, but if “outsiders” do not understand them, or need an encyclopaedia to understand your techno-speak, then you will lose confused prospects with your message.

6. Targeting

The message: Your presentation grabs attention, inspires trust and incites action! False modesty does not pay here. Get used to self-promotion and calls to action!

The why: Your message grabs the attention of those you want to attract. I have 4 children who, thankfully, are all past the diaper stage! So an advert about diapers that keep baby feeling dry and fresh will not stand out for me, though it would have a few years ago. However, an advert that features quality trainers for less than five pounds will have me tapping away on my computer to find out more immediately! If you are a caterer, what specific segment of the market are you aiming for? What problems are they grappling with, that you could solve? We certainly do not all have the same catering and dietary requirements! So, tailor your message to grab the attention of a specific audience to give it pulling power. If it is generic it might get a read but it will certainly not start a barrage of calls!

7. What now?

The message:  There is no doubt in the reader’s mind what to do next to get started with you!  Do not leave things to the reader’s imagination as most web surfers are too busy to engage their imagination!

The why: Very importantly, your message tells those whose attention you have grabbed, what to do next, in a compelling way! Surprisingly, even interested prospects need to be told what the next step is. And many business owners omit this part, assuming that people know what to do next, and will do it! This is not the case! You need to tell them in a way that spurs immediate action. For instance, “Call this number,” is not compelling. This implies they can call at their convenience, probably next month or next year! However, “Call this number before midnight to get 10% off,” or “Visit this site to download your free CD now. Limited copies available,” gives an incentive to act right away. If your message is to move people to action it must have a compelling call to action. Or else it will get ignored or procrastinated over, like all your other colleagues who are struggling to get clients!

8. It’s that easy

The message: The action you require your readers to take next is easy and immediately accessible. Do not require them to jump several hoops as if they were poodles in an online circus! Where possible, use a one- or two-step sign up process.

The why: Your call to action can easily be carried out, eliminating any obstacles that could discourage your readers from following through.

Don’t forget to get personable…A professional picture of you can work additional wonders! Do not listen to the old-school-stuck-in-the-mud crowd who hide behind corporate anonymity. These are the days of relationship-building and engagement to get clients. Show up on your web pages, looking bright and alert! You do not need to look like a model or rock star; just show that you are happy to serve!

You are now ready and able to give your web copy a client-magnet makeover!

You can immediately start to attract more of your ideal clients with your magnetic messaging.
These tips will work just as well for the rest of your marketing materials as they will for your web pages . So print them out, keep them close and feel free to pass them along!

Oma Edoja

Oma Edoja is an author, speaker and Women's Business Growth Mentor who is passionate about empowering women! She is the UK's go-to-gal for ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to get more clients, make more money and make a bigger impact on the people they serve. Oma is the author of "The Essential Get Clients Guide: 14 Reasons Women Business Owners Struggle to Get Clients and How to Avoid Them." She invites you to download your FREE copy here. Find out more from Oma's client testimonials here.

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