Marianne Cantwell: Escape the rat race and create a life you love

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Marianne Cantwell of the popular blog Free Range Humans and author of the upcoming book Be a free range human.  Marianne is a prolific writer and has a unique style that is all her own.  She is gregarious, engaging, entertaining and passionate about her subject. Her blog has grown a strong following from a desire to help people who wanted to escape their corporate cages to become free rangers.

Marianne is running a pre-order campaign today and anyone that purchases her book in the next 24 hours is eligible for a whole bunch of goodies. Check it out here. I’m not making anything from this, I genuinely think if her book makes as much sense as she does in person, it’s definitely worth buying!

Marianne successfully supports her passion for travel and passion for life through the online courses that she runs from her site and has managed to build an incredibly loyal international community.  I interviewed Marianne about her business and her business model for our multimedia course that we ran last month and she had so much insight around how to successfully create and launch new products, I asked her if we could interview her again for all of you.

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In this interview, we talk about a variety of topics around finding success on your own terms (and it’s not enough just to follow your passion….).  How to sell without feeling sleezy and we have an interesting discussion about why women particularly find it hard to put themselves forward and how to sell themselves.  Thankfully we don’t just talk about the problem but also offer you some solutions if this is something that you are struggling with.

We also talk about how to find the 1% in your business that is going to help you find  your raving fans and loads of other really interesting things.   Finally we also talk about the process that Marianne uses to test her market before creating a product and how she specifically uses social media to test the interest in her community.  Marianne is really engaging and passionate about her topic.  This interview is slightly longer than normal but worth every minute!

And for those who would like to know more about the Four E’s of Selling – (Marianne refers to these in the video) we will have a full post with more details next Wed 12th.


Julie Hall

Business Mentor & founder of Women Unlimited

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