How to shift your money mindset

Are you ready to ditch the experience of struggle or lack when it comes to money? Then check out these three “must do” steps to start moving towards living your money dream today.

 There is only one class in the community who think more about money than the rich, and that is the poor. The poor can think of nothing else.

Oscar Wilde

The truth, however, is that whether we are rich, poor or middle class, we all think about money.

In other words, we each possess a money mindset. Comprised of our thoughts and our beliefs, this mindset significantly influences how we experience money in our lives. Whether we enjoy abundant financial resources or regularly struggle with lack, both experiences are ultimately a reflection of this mindset or what we think and believe about money.

Yet whenever I work with clients who want to live or expand how they live their money dream, I guide them through a quick, but powerful three-step process that immediately begins to shift their mindset—and subsequently their life experience—toward one of greater abundance.

These steps, when completed in this specific order, can help you shift your mindset and move closer toward living your money dream today, too:

Step #1: Accept full responsibility for your current financial resources or situation.

While this first step is not an easy one, it’s absolutely mandatory to change your financial life for the better. Before any money transformation can occur, you need to let go of the blame, rationalizations or justifications as to the external causes for your current lack of financial resources.

This means your job, your boss, your “life story”, the economy, your health, the kids, the house, your spouse, your family, your religion or whatever else, none of these reasons have anything to do with your ability to experience more money in your life.

Instead, there is only one real cause as to why you do not have the money you desire. This root cause stems from a decision you made at some point during the course of your life that it was okay to settle for less than what you truly want.

In making this decision, you devalued and denied your money dream and then proceeded to blame other people or circumstances as to the reason for your choice. As such, your experiences of lack will continue to mirror this decision until you choose otherwise.

Thus, in accepting full responsibility for creating whatever you need for your life experience, what you are really doing is saying, “Yes!” to living your money dream, too.

Step #2: Identify and deal with your “hidden stress”.

Ironically, the moment you take responsibility for your life and say yes to your money dream, any “hidden stress” about actually living it often manifests as resistance to taking the action needed to make it a reality. Up until this moment, this stress has been your “secret” but very real reason as to why you stopped the flow of money in your life in the first place.

As such, in order to bring this hidden stress to light, you need to ask yourself this one simple question:

When I think about having more money in my life, I feel stress because _________________.  (Side note: You may need to ask yourself this question several times until you move past any lingering excuses, blame and justifications until you finally arrive at your truth).

Yet once you unveil your hidden stress and arrive at your truth, you need to realize it isn’t the truth. Instead, your hidden stress is a limiting or fear-based belief disguised as truth, but one which you now have the power to change and transform.

Step #3: Change your life or money story.

You can’t be the wealthy and lovable heroine of your own life experience if either your life or money story requires you to continue playing the role of downtrodden victim. Thus, your story as you currently tell it is contributing to your experience of lack—and will continue to do so until you change it.

However, the key to transforming this story is to look through the mess or challenges of your life experiences and find the empowered message or positive life lesson contained within it.

Then, once you uncover this hidden gem of a message or lesson, it moves you beyond living as a victim into the role of empowered creator whose potential for abundance is without limits. It turns your, “I can’t…because this happened to me,” into a “I can…because I experienced and then moved through this.”

In the end, and after working through these three steps, what you begin to realize is despite the excuses, the hidden stresses and a disempowered life story, when you truly want to experience more of anything in your life—money included—the transformation always begins first with you and your mindset.

Jenny Boylan

In addition to being a Spiritual Renegade™, Jenny Boylan is an internationally known Success Mentor & Speaker. She teaches people how to think differently, so they can live abundantly and experience greater levels of success.For more information about her work, visit or follow her on Twitter @JennyBoylan1, and like her on Facebook. The Spiritual Renegade Experience: Think Differently. Live Abundantly.

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