More savvy marketing advice from real women business owners

This article has been put together from the Women Unlimited community on Linked In.  Several weeks ago Julie put a call out to all the ladies in the group (over 1200 of them!) and asked them to share their best marketing advice.

We had a such a fabulous response there were too many tips to fit into just one article, so we decided to break it down into smaller pieces where we share your marketing savvy with the rest of the Women Unlimited community.  This is the 5th article we’ve posted with your tips so far, and we still have plenty more to share with you!

Let us know which piece of advice you think is the most valuable in the comments section below. If you would like to contribute please add your marketing advice by commenting on our Linked In Group discussion.  You can also let us know your best marketing thoughts in 140 characters or less by sending us an @reply on twitter or comment on our facebook page (and don’t forget to like us while you are there!)

Get social

manickavalli arumugam • I would recommend you guys to start registering with online free directories, use free SEO tools and email marketing for online marketing. You can also use social networking sites like twitter and facebook to promote your business. The posts from the other ladies here are so interesting and informative. Thanks.

Joanne Burford • This is a fantastic guide Julie – almost worth printing off and putting into a book! I think marketing in this challenging time is very exciting as there are so many great tools like blogging etc to reach your audience without much cost, however, I would say not to underestimate how much time it takes to put a social media strategy into place to bolster your campaigns.


Market online as well as offline

Lani Kwon Meilgaard • Aloha from Honolulu! I’m happy to be a new member of this group.

The best marketing advice I have, based on five years of doing my own PR and marketing, is to advertise not only in print media, but also on web-based (social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), free sites (e.g. bulletin boards) and at events (expos, conferences, etc…).

However, I have also found that word-of-mouth truly delivers the most loyal, interested and steady stream of clients. So ask your current clients to spread the word about your business and make it easy for them to do by preparing materials (business cards, flyers, brochures, post cards, posters, etc…) for them to pass along to potential clients.

Lani Kwon Meilgaard
Transitions and Transformations Coach
Creating Co-Powerment® Center LLC

Give them what they want

Jenna Cox • Too often, businesses concentrate solely on telling people what they want them to know when, in reality, they should always be giving potential customers what they want to hear…and see!

Folake Balogun
We always advise our clients to sell their benefits not what they do (the features). Customers buy into the benefits (the end results) of the product not the actual service that you are providing.
WDF Productions: Video Communications for Business

Susan Heaton-Wright • Research the market and see if you can focus on ‘targeted’ marketing. For example: we focus on particular types of hotels for our music business and have built up a database based on a number of criteria. Like many small businesses we only have a limited amount of time and money for marketing and know that we will be wasting valuable time and funds on hotels that don’t have live music.
Also, work out which ‘showcase’ opportunities are marketing opportunities and those that are less likely to bring in custom. We have partnered with other businesses to showcase our services, which has led to some very good leads because we’ve had access to the guest lists, but we no longer do events where the marketing is more general and not directed at our target markets.

Susan Heaton Wright

Oriane Chausiaux • Having a product or service that naturally creates evangelists – solve a real problem in your customer’s life, and they will tell everyone about it.

Dr Oriane Chausiaux
Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd.

Don’t give up!

STELLA BLAIZE • It is not an overnight growth. Persist, persist, persist.

Evelyn Silver • Hang in, hang in, hang in, and keep believing in yourself, whatever is thrown at you!
Make a point of keeping in touch with old customers as well as trying out new ways to attract new ones.

Evelyn Silver

Seek feedback

Alison Bell-Roberts • I agree with all of the comments made. In particular,
1. listen to your clients,
2. look at your branding,
3. a marketing strategy that has a drip feed approach.
4. seek feedback from clients – as a very new business (only launched in August and with no sales and marketing background) I have found that many of the customers that I have been working with are the greatest asset with regards to feedback. People genuinely want to help you to succeed so I always make a point of asking their thoughts and the advice I have been given has really helped me to move forward. Listening is in fact one of our core programmes

to find out more visit our website (which is still under construction – but then we only launched in August!)

Be consistent

Annie Brooks • Clarity and consistency. Be clear about what you are offering so that your customers know what they are buying. Be consistent in your communications. EVERYTHING your business produces should look as if it’s come from the same organisation. As someone else has said ‘you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression’. So true!
Know who you are and define your brand beliefs:
Vision : What do you see?
Mission : Where are you going?
Position : Where do you sit in the marketplace?
Proposition : What are you promising?
Description : Who are you and what do you do?

Sheena D Whyatt MCT, MCASI, MIITT • Be consistent.
Keep your message simple.
Be proactive when you need to be.
Remember that your marketing should happen all the time, holistically, not just in one big monthly hit.
And be reactive when someone asks to ‘unsubscribe’!

Sheena Whyatt

Kath Roberts CEO/ H Business coach • Know your niche inside out like one of your best friends and be clear on what your brand represents and how you differentiate your services. Who are your detractors and who can be your key influencers ?
Time spent on understanding the essence of your brand and thus who you truly want to connect with is investment well-made saving marketing effort and wasted cash.
Tailor your marketing to speak emotionally to them. People buy on emotion and back up with logic. Focus on solving their problems not overtly selling. It’s about them and not about you!
Be authentic and be consistent with your brand.

Kath Roberts
CEO/Home business Coach

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