Need more sales? Leave no stone unturned!

Being an entrepreneur in any field is likely to be very challenging, and while it can often be hugely rewarding; there will be times when it gets seriously tough.

For many of us, the toughest of times will be when we’re struggling to generate the kind of sales we want and need, in order to keep our ambitions alive.

Even when you’re absolutely confident in what you have to offer and the way you deliver your services, times when sales aren’t coming your way can be disconcerting to say the least.

So how do you come through these periods and start securing fresh sales for your business on a more reliable basis?

Well, it might not always be as simple or as straightforward as you might hope, but with the right focus it can certainly be done.

We would all like to think our services sell themselves simply by being really great value for money, but that isn’t always the case.

Different techniques and tactics will all play their part in the process, but as the business owner, a lot ultimately rests with you and with your ability to seize the moments that really matter.

Making the right connections

Sales and ‘how to make them’ is one of the most talked about topics in the business world and for obvious reasons. In a sense, sales are the be all and end all for a business at all stages of development, but underlying these sales there always has to be a connection.

Making a connection is crucial to winning the kind of custom and building the kind of relationships you want with clients.

There is no way to guarantee success in this regard and no shortcuts to having the client list and demand for your services that you’d like. But, by focusing on the messages you put across as you go about your work, you can significantly increase the chances of making productive connections that ultimately lead to positive progress for your business.


Depending on what kind of work you do and how you promote your services, there can be opportunities at any moment for you to connect with potential clients. How you present yourself and your services in these moments therefore can be crucial.

We’re all aware of how important networking can be for anyone trying to develop their client lists, and to create relationships with your ideal client. In these moments, it’s essential that you are ready to create a good impression and to get your messages across in a clear and concise fashion.

Nobody wants to come across as being pushy or to be seen as giving people we’ve just met that ‘hard sell’. But it is important to recognise the potential value of these kind of opportunities and to get your core messages across in ways that work in your favour.

In a way, this might seem a little daunting, if we realise that every time we meet new people in a business-related context we should be trying to seize the moment and make potentially valuable connections. So it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself and to realise that we all get our words muddled up from time to time. I know I certainly do!

What are you really offering?

The key to creating the kind of connections that will lead to sales and quality client relationships in the business world, is demonstrating that you can offer something truly different and desirable.

This can be any number of different things but it won’t really be the 10 per cent extra free or the new improved features that you are offering. It will be:

  • the confidence
  • the peace of mind
  • the empowerment or the productivity that you can give your clients

On some level, you might even be selling hope and aspiration to people who need it.

But whatever it is, you have to be confident and capable of delivering the messages that convey what you’re all about, and what your services really bring to the table.

Positive not boastful

It’s important to be positive and to stand out when you find yourself in sales meetings but be careful not to fall into the trap of being boastful. Outlandish statements are not the keys to success in this context.

What works best in the longer run in networking scenarios and introductions in seminars etc., is being competent and confident, but above all, being different.

It’s all about awakening an interest in your audience, whether that’s one person, three people or three hundred people.

Here are some tips to have in mind next time you’re being introduced and you’re keen to make a strongly positive impression:

  • Say something unexpected but clever to get the attention of your audience
  • Try to make sure that your personality comes across
  • Be clear in the way that you put across your brand promise
  • Don’t let an opportunity to stand out pass you by

Standing out from the crowd

The truth is that we are all incredibly busy as business women, and many of the people we meet are destined never to have any real impact on our lives or the work that we do. In order for people to enter our lives and make a difference, they really have to stand out and that is why the way you promote yourself and your business is so important.

You never know when you might strike up the kind of relationship that ends up being a key part of your future.

We all want to connect with clients who understand what we’re offering and what we’re passionate about, but it takes consistent effort, determination and creativity to deliver sales messages with real style and coherence.

No stone unturned

Focusing on standing out and delivering the right messages at key moments, can be the difference between success and failure for entrepreneurs and small business owners. So it would be hard to overstate the importance of the issue.

This though is why we all, as business people, need to be committed to the battle and ready to fight for new clients when the going gets tough. In practical terms, this means making sure that you have done everything you can to prepare yourself, and tailor your services and your sales messages to the needs of your target clients.

They say there’s no such thing as luck and I’m a big believer that the harder someone works the luckier they become.

If you’re looking to land more sales, then it could be time you started working more consistently on your key messages and your face-to-face delivery. You never know how lucky you just might be.

I’d love to hear how you seize the moment! Let me know in the comments below…

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Carole Bozkurt

Hi there, I'm Carole Bozkurt, founder of The Blueprint Practice. I’m a Visibility Strategist and I help female business owners to stand out in a crowded market and get noticed by their ideal client. Once the right connections have been made I help my clients to turn those contacts into paying clients. If you are interested in growing your business, increasing your client base and claiming your expert status then please email me directly at Alternatively, you can contact me via my website here.

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