Networking Tips for Starting up!

So now you’ve chosen a career that right for you. What’s next? Our networking tips can help you! It feels great to know what you want to do, but how do you make sure that the opportunities will be there for you when the time comes? The answer is simple… Networking!

Relationship building and networking are the key to getting your foot in the door to many careers. Have you ever heard the expression “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? While we’re not saying that your knowledge and experience aren’t important, we are saying that the relationships that you build can make all the difference. The benefits of networking are many! In today’s competitive job market, a stellar resume is often just not enough.

You may not even realize it, but networking is part of our everyday lives. Each of these networking tips will show you ways that you can use networking to help you find the opportunity that is right for you…

The People You Know

Start your career networking with the people you already know!

This is one of the easiest networking tips! You probably don’t realize just how many people you already know. Start a list! Write down the names of everyone you know and then next to their name write what they do for a living. Once you’ve completed the list, you can highlight or place a star next to everyone that you think may be able to assist you with potential opportunities.

Professional Organizations and Clubs

Join Professional organizations and Clubs that can help you strengthen your skills and credentials while you network.

If you’re looking for networking tips, you may want to consider joining a professional organization or club. Organizations and clubs give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded people that share with you similar interests, careers, backgrounds, or goals. Building relationships with these people can lead to many opportunities for you both personally and professionally.

Social Networking On The Internet

Expand your contacts with online social networking, the backbone of communication in today’s techno-savvy

The Internet! The lifeline of communication in today’s world! The Internet is not only a great place for information but it is a great place to network. One of the best networking ideas that we can give you is to go online. There are several popular online social networking sites that can assist you in your career search.


Get your foot in the door with an internship!

Another one of our valuable networking tips is to look for an internship! When you think of an internship, you may think that they are only for traditional college students or people who have just graduated. Actually, internships can potentially benefit all people that are beginning a new career.


Help others and network at the same time!

Another networking tip is to volunteer. Volunteering is a networking opportunity that can benefit both you and others at the same time! When you volunteer for an organization, you provide them a free service while at the same time building valuable professional relationships. Here are some volunteer ideas to get you started.

About the Author: Frank DeMaria is an expert at helping you to choose a career that has you feeling fulfilled, happy, and enthusiastic! It’s empowering to know each day that you are contributing to your organization and meeting your family’s needs as well as your own. visit to find out more.

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