Sue Plumtree

With more than 25 years experience in personal development, human resources, training and coaching I have developed a unique model called LEP (Life Enhancing Principles) which covers core principles that enable people to achieve their goals and get the most out of life. As an FCIPD, I am an executive life coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and an established author. My second book, ‘Dancing With The Mask: Learning to Love and be Loved’ is available directly through my website . Connect with Sue on Linked In.

Jenny Boylan

In addition to being a Spiritual Renegade™, Jenny Boylan is an internationally known Success Mentor & Speaker. She teaches people how to think differently, so they can live abundantly and experience greater levels of success.For more information about her work, visit or follow her on Twitter @JennyBoylan1, and like her on Facebook. The Spiritual Renegade Experience: Think Differently. Live Abundantly.

Michelle Hawkins

Michelle is the Head of Happiness at The Flying Dodo. She designs spaces and experiences that promote greater Wellbeing and happiness in healthcare & hospitality using her knowledge of positive psychology, service design and behaviour change. Designing for happiness should be at the heart of every organisation. When people (staff and service users) feel happy, they become more resilient, motivated and engaged.