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Delivering results with time management

In order to find ways to improve and accomplish more with the time you have, it was important to look at how you are currently spending your time. That was why in…

Twitter Mania – join the craze

You know there’s something happening when you speak at a business event, mention the benefits of Twitter and, by the time you’re home, have 13 new followers. Twitter is catching on. Fast.…

All things fabulous…

Claire Collins is someone who has taken an old idea and given it a new twist. She is the founder of Violet May, a luxury business accessories brand for women. As with…

Bootstrapping your way to success

Economic downturns tend to be self fulfilling. We all help to drive market conditions, so if we all decide to ‘batten down the hatches’, and become more risk averse we all contribute…

Top tips for getting more business through networking

No matter how successful your business is right now, don’t overlook the fact that networking is an integral part of keeping that success going. Many businesses fail to recognise the importance of…

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