Podcasting for business – a beginners guide

Just when you thought you had a handle on all the opportunities the internet provided, you suddenly find yourself faced with a new one – an audio revolution. Yes, the internet evolved from one that gave us quick and easy written content was now moving us into another dimension with audio content.

Then internet radio was born, which paved the path for the podcasting development. The audio progression on the internet proved to be more of an opportunity for business owners than was ever originally thought.

“What is Internet Radio and Podcasting?”

Internet radio was developed in the early ‘90’s for informational and entertainment purposes. It was a simple means of bringing the radio to the internet, but some users found it cumbersome with having to retrieve the content through one file at a time.

Over the years, the internet radio developed to become a media outlet brought by internet streaming media programs such as MP3’s etc. Users found this to be much more reliable and flexible as they could download the shows and listen to them later on.

Podcasting came along when RSS feeds were widely popular. It was found that one could provide audio content to users by delivering it via these feeds. This enabled a user to download the content onto their portable media players as well as their computers.

One could listen to the podcast whenever and wherever they wanted without being constricted to their computer. The convenience this provided was one of the reasons this media option became so popular.
Podcasting is generally pre-recorded in smaller segments and then uploaded for any user to access when they choose to. This allows for more options in content and programming than radio since editing can make your segments be exactly what you want them to be.

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“What are the Benefits to Online Business Owners?”

Podcasting was always known as a great medium for informational purposes and entertainment, but it has become an ever greater tool to use for marketing any online business. Here are some benefits your business could be rewarded with through the use of podcasting:

Popularity in your field– If your podcast becomes a successful one, internet users will keep coming back for more and more. Your business credibility and trust builds quickly with potential customers and your name inevitably becomes synonymous with your particular business field.

Increased traffic– The more users that tune into your podcasts, the more traffic you could receive that would want to check out your business site and see what you have to offer them.

Edging out Competition– While podcasting is popular today; most business owners still don’t use this medium to market themselves. By taking on the podcasting revolution, you can rise above your competitors easily. Clients or customers will remember you far more often, when they need a product or service in your field, than any of your competitors.

Quick advertisement of your products– The quickest way to advertise your products is through a podcast. Simply record a podcast offering information about the product and those who have subscribed to your feed can have instant access to it.

Search Engine Friendly– Podcasting provides those search engine web crawlers with link popularity and fresh content on a regular basis.

With all the marketing tools available to choose from, podcasting should be one of them. It’s one of the best ways to give internet users a different medium while making their experience a more interactive one.

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