Product packaging that attracts customers

When it comes to product packaging, here’s something to think about: How would you feel if your favorite cereal came in a plain white plastic bag? Or how about if your favorite perfume was presented in an old hairspray bottle? Even if the quality of the product was exactly the same, isn’t there a part of you that still wouldn’t really feel confident in that fact? Almost to the point that you would rather purchase something else simply because it appears to be more attractive?

This shows the power that comes, not just with a product, but how it is packaged as well. If you have an item that you’re planning to release to the public, but you’re looking for some tips on how to present it in a way where the packaging immediately attracts them to it, read our:

5 “must do” tips to create attractive product packaging

1. Be unique

Have you ever watched a movie for product placement and noticed that you could tell a bookstore or a drink without ever seeing the actual name of the place or product? This is because someone (or a set of people) thought long and hard about presenting what they had to offer in a way that stood out from all of the rest. This is definitely a rule that you should apply as well. You want to be cost-effective when it comes to how much you’ll have to pay to do your product packaging, but definitely don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

2. Choose great colours

There are a lot of products out in the world and so this actually is not as easy to do as you initially might think. You should pick a color palate that will not cause customers to associate or confuse it with another item. You also need to pick ones that do not clash, but will provide a stand-out effect. The colors should also be ones that you can use for marketing outside of the product itself.

3. Think the details through

A product should have a label on it (so make sure that yours is written in an easy-to-read font). A product should have an image that correlates with the item. So, say that you’re selling dog food. Why would a sunflower be on the front of the package unless the name of the food has “sunflower” in it? In other words, some people are highly visual and so you definitely want them to be able to associate your product with the packaging. When it comes to product packaging, you also want to use the right kind of words. By this, we mean, if you are selling deodorant, you don’t want to use a word like “scrumptious” or if you’re selling computer equipment, “delightful” probably isn’t the best fit. Make sure that when it comes to the name of the product and the words that are used to describe it, that you choose ones that complement it well.

4. Make it easy to handle and open

OK, there’s creative and then there’s simply frustrating. If you have a bottle of bubble bath that is hard to hold onto because it’s in a funny shape or you have a laptop that comes in a box that requires both hands to keep it from falling, that might be a bit irritating for a customer no matter how “cute” it looked on the display. Another thing to keep in mind is that no one wants to spend 15 minutes trying to figure out how to open something. So, while you definitely want the package to not be one that is easy to open or appears like it’s already been tampered with, you also want it to be one that doesn’t require a set of instructions in order to get to the product that is inside.

5. Less is more

Finally, it’s best to keep “it” simple. If you speak to any kind of marketing guru, they will probably tell you that “less is more” when it comes to presenting a product. So yes, you can be unique and colorful, but also make sure that your vision does not translate into appearing gaudy. Always think of yourself as the customer while designing your packaging. It will help to create a beautiful and balanced vision.

What ‘s your experience of creating product packaging? Are these tips useful or perhaps you have some more tips? We’d love to hear them!

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