Quick fire ‘to do’ lists

This article is inspired by the brilliant speakers that were at the Women Unlimited ‘Create your Future’ event last Wednesday. If you were there you know what I am talking about if you were not able to make it, the subject of ‘to do’ lists as a effective tool for success was mentioned by a couple of the ladies.

Just imagine. It is 9am, you have been in the office for a matter of seconds and already your mind is spinning because it is full of the millions of things you think need to be completed today. This has unfortunately caused you to start your day off with a headache. Your usual approach to a day like this is to deal with the first thing that pops into your head no matter what it is or even if it is essential to the day.

When you head is filled with so much clutter how are you ever going to choose the important work and tasks? The secret is to plan and put together an ‘important to do ‘list for your day. Here are 10 quick easy steps that show you how to produce effective lists.

  1. Dedicate a few minutes each morning, or just before leaving the office in the evening to plan.
  2. Review the schedule for the day and quickly overview the week’s schedule.
    • What are your priorities?
    • What are your goals?
  3. Have your day planner/diary to hand. Don’t fret it can be online or paper, just make sure you only have one.
    • What deadlines do you have?
    • What meetings are scheduled?
    • What clients are booked in?
  4. Fill in the commitments that are already confirmed.
  5. Schedule in tea breaks, lunch and finishing time.
  6. Decide what 3 important tasks are urgent for today and add to your ‘to do’ list.
    • What task it your first priority?
    • What will have the greatest benefit to your business or career?
  7. Establish the habit of scheduling important tasks and be proactive. This avoids the bad reactive habit of tasks becoming urgent because you did not plan correctly and now you are panicking.
  8. Get to work. No longer will there be time wasted on unnecessary tasks, you have your plan and you can work to that
  9. End of day review
    • Did you select the correct tasks?
    • How did you deal with either too many or too few tasks?
    • What do you need to change or improve or change for tomorrow?
  10. Celebrate….your day had been a success.


About the Author: Rachael Ross of Purely Peppermint provides specialist consultancy services in developing and introducing an effective home working environment. She works with individuals and businesses by providing bespoke practical solutions for their home office. Through leadership, training, hands-on and telephone support and advice, Rachael ensures that her clients have the greatest of success in their chosen field. To help achieve that success she instructs on, setting boundaries, dealing with isolation, managing clients, managing your time, finding work/life balance, plus much, much more.

If you need a consultation to successfully work from home, then email Purely Peppermint at office@purelypeppermint.com. Purely Peppermint offers a monthly newsletter, packed full of practical tips and solutions to all your home office troubles, visit http://www.purelypeppermint.comfor further information and a chance to sign up for the newsletter .

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