Reclaim Your Success Mojo: 4 Top Tips

Ever wonder why it seems so difficult to move to a new level of success?

After all, you definitely have a clear vision for your life. And there’s little doubt as to what you want to achieve and experience, too.

Perhaps, more importantly, you have both the inspiration and the motivation to do whatever it takes to reach your goals and live your dreams. In fact, you’ve likely given everything you have in order to make them an actual, tangible reality.

So why, then, does your success remain stuck at the status quo level? And why, despite an apparently unwavering commitment to your dreams, do you find yourself struggling to create the results you want?

Unfortunately, the reason is as simple as it is uncomfortable to acknowledge—and you likely won’t like what you’re about to hear.

But the truth is, somewhere along your path to success you subconsciously stop yourself.

Yet the world outside looking in at you and at all that you are doing to “get there” would be none the wiser—which makes the truth so much more difficult to accept.

To complicate matters further, you not only lack the awareness that you are doing so, but the reason as to why, too. However, without this awareness, you don’t realize it’s merely a mindset, perspective or belief that is limiting your success—and nothing else. As a result, you’ll remain equally powerless to shift it until you do.

So what, then, is the solution?

First, you cultivate the awareness as to where and why you stop yourself from reaching your goal. Next, you shift the mindset, perspective or belief responsible for it.

What follows are four tips to help you to do just this and in the process, reclaim your success mojo:

1. Expect and embrace chaos.

Whenever you seek to step into a new level of success, this desire brings with it an often unexpected level of chaos as your world begins to rearrange itself to support your new life.

This means that whatever no longer supports your growth and continued success must leave your life in order to create space for the new. It’s a process, however, that temporarily creates an “in-between state” where your old life is leaving, but the new one has yet to materialize in any significant way.

As such, your life may feel empty, uncomfortable and unfamiliar—and without any apparent relief on the horizon. The good news, though, is that this also means you’ve not only stepped to the edge of your comfort zone, but to the edge of greater success, too.

However, it’s your lack of awareness of this in-between state combined with your fear of the unknown that turns this edge of success into a ledge of potential failure—and one from which you’d rather not fall.

Nonetheless, the temptation to retreat or to step away from the ledge back towards the perceived safety of your old life will be strong.  The best way, then, to navigate through this change is to expect and embrace the chaos.

Recognize it as a necessary and unavoidable step in the process. Begin to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, too. And when that ledge does appear, rather than step back or fall, you’ll fly.


2. Remember, even though you seek change and greater success, you simultaneously crave the safety and security from that which you are familiar.

Yet whenever the experience of status quo persists in your life, this means your desire for change and greater success is in direct conflict with a much stronger, and often hidden, need for safety and security. It’s this inherent need for one over the other that creates the impasse.

Thus, you must bring these hidden needs for safety and security to light and ultimately into your awareness. Doing so allows you to begin to identify possible solutions for meeting those needs and in a way that supports your forward movement toward your bigger dreams.


3. Become aware of your success “blind spots”.

There is a fundamental truth about life that few people ever consider in their pursuit of success. That truth is: If you have a thought or belief about something, you must also have the physical realization of this thought or belief in your life.

However, what you don’t realize is your current thoughts and beliefs often stem directly from something taught to you by your parents, your education system or your culture.

These thoughts then become the “rules” by which you live. They serve as the basis for determining what is or isn’t possible for you.

Eventually they morph into your success “blind spots.”

Not only will they halt your progress toward success, you will literally be unable to “see” the new, yet unfamiliar path you must follow to achieve your goals.

Thus, take a fresh look at your goals and dreams with this new understanding. Begin to identify the, perhaps, unspoken or unnamed rules blocking your success and keeping you stuck in the status quo.

Yet don’t just challenge the rules, break them too. Keep in mind as you do so, that if no one ever challenged the rules or what they were taught, the world would still be flat.


4. You’re pursuing an expectation or “should” rather than your actual dream.

When success remains ever elusive despite months or years of dedicated hard work, it often indicates that deep down inside you know you are not pursuing something you truly want to be, do or have.

This is especially true when you’re pursuit of a goal or dream is tied directly to your self-esteem, validation or lovability—or, in short, an attempt to live up to other’s expectations of you.

It takes courage to be honest with yourself about what you really want for your life and to acknowledge where your heart is pulling you toward, even if it is in an entirely different direction. As such, the only available option is to pursue this path.

There simply is no other way to truly step into greater success—and thus, reclaim your success mojo.



About The Author: In addition to being a Spiritual Renegade™, Jenny Boylan is an internationally known Success Mentor & Speaker. She teaches people how to think differently, so they can live abundantly and experience greater levels of success. For more information about her work, visit or follow her on Twitter (JennyBoylan1)



Jenny Boylan

In addition to being a Spiritual Renegade™, Jenny Boylan is an internationally known Success Mentor & Speaker. She teaches people how to think differently, so they can live abundantly and experience greater levels of success.For more information about her work, visit or follow her on Twitter @JennyBoylan1, and like her on Facebook. The Spiritual Renegade Experience: Think Differently. Live Abundantly.

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