Stepping out of your comfort zone

As I came off the call, which was a complete success and received rave reviews I thought back to my first ever teleseminar I’d run nearly 2 years ago. I was nervous, very nervous. I wasn’t at all sure it would be OK. I was unsure of the technology, the process how to handle questions how to do it at all. And I’d only had 12 people on the call.

But despite those unpleasant anxious feelings I went ahead and did it anyway. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. I made some sales and got some good feedback. I had done it. I’d stepped out of my comfort zone and done it. Since that first one I’d run more and more, each one becoming easier and easier. I become more and more comfortable with the technology the process to the extent that it was a routine event, no more challenging than making a cup of tea. And all because I’d started with that first teleseminar, and kept on doing them time and again. I now run as many as 7 in a week!

This process of constantly stretching ourselves is how we grow, not only ourselves but also our business. We set ourselves a challenge, and rise to meet it. we step out of our comfort zone of what we know, to what we do NOT know.

Do you want to increase… or decrease

One of the principles of physics states that the universe is in constant vibration. The subatomic particles of every atom are always in a state of flux and change. Their state or energy level is always either increasing or decreasing, but it never stays the same.

This applies to us when we interpret that to mean that we too are always in a state of change, and we can choose whether we are increasing or decreasing.

We increase and grow by setting challenges and stepping up to meet those.
We decrease when we shy away from challenges or try to keep things the same by maintaining the status quo.

And the warning to us all is that if you don’t constantly grow, you will actually shrink.

If you are trying to stay the same, the world will progress without you and you will be left behind. Those businesses who shunned the internet and then went bankrupt when no-one was visiting the high street are a case in point. Those who shun social media and are left scratching their head wondering why advertising isn’t working any more are another.

I had a client with a fear of driving to unfamiliar places. It started when she first got married and her husband did most of the driving. She rarely drove out of her home town and when she did drive to a new place it became a major event that required planning and much psyching up to be able to do it. By avoiding challenges she had made even a minor event a huge challenge for her.

This can happen in your business and your life. When we don’t grow, we shrink. We grow by challenging ourselves and meeting those challenges head on.

It does get easier

As we continue to step outside of our comfort zone it actually becomes easier and easier. The sensation of being ever so slightly afraid gets translated into excitement and then becomes linked to a sense of achievement even before you’ve succeeded.

The real joy and beauty of stepping outside of your comfort zone is that even when things don’t come of f as you’d hoped or planed, even if you “failed” you can relax in the satisfaction that you had a go, you tried. Just stepping up in and of itself puts you in the category of extraordinary people, because the sad truth is the majority of people constantly stay resolutely stuck inside of their comfort zone and as a result have few real achievements to their name.

Simple steps to rise above challenges

1. Decide on something you want to do, be, have or achieve. Make it something that will make you feel really good when you’ve done it. Make sure it’s something you want, not something someone else thinks you should do.

2. Check that it is exciting, and just a little bit scary. Abject terror is a sign you’re stretching yourself just a little too far, but it needs to have some charge to it or you’re keeping yourself small.

3. Set a date by when you will do it. The sooner the better. Put the date in your diary and stick to it no matter what.

4. Find a mentor or get help, support or coaching if you need it. Highly successful people all have mentors to support them as they step up to new challenges, so you’ll be in good company.

5. Mark out the steps in the process that need to happen and by when.

6. Start NOW. Stepping out of your comfort zone means it WILL feel uncomfortable. It’s all too easy to put it off, delay, tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, or later. No! No! No! Start now, no matter what.

A great by-product of stepping outside of your comfort zone is that you increase your emotional muscle, resilience and inner strength.

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About the Author: Lisa Turner and Psycademy – Leaders in Spiritual and Psychic Development. Dr. Lisa turner specialises in helping people to evolve and develop their intuition and inner strength and confidence so that they can solve life’s problems and rise above circumstances. She assists them to realise that they have more power and control over their lives than they could ever imagine. Psycademy is the only company to offer a professional certified psychic and spiritual practitioner training.

Lisa facilitates profound transformation and she’s proud of the 95% success rate experienced by her clients and students, i.e.  95% of clients get the transformation or skills they came for or MORE!

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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