Stuck in a style rut? 5 steps to increase your professional confidence

It doesn’t matter how you look on the outside; it’s what’s inside that really counts.

We all know this simple truth, as anyone who is feeling a lack of confidence or stuck in a rut will tell you. It’s comforting to know that we don’t always have to be defined by external appearances!

However, small changes, (especially in the way you take care of yourself), can often make a big difference in the way you feel.  At the very least they can help steer your path towards the life changes you want to make. You may not be able to control the way you feel inside, or understand the cause of your current rut, but you can control the way you look on the outside. What’s more, making the effort to take care of yourself and project a successful and confident appearance will change the way you feel and how people treat you, and, in turn, will improve your business and personal relationships.

If you’re stuck in a rut or find it difficult to interact with others confidently, read on for:

5 steps to improve your outer appearance and boost your professional confidence.

1. Get a hairstyle that works for you.

Even though spending money on a new haircut, color and style may seem frivolous, this is an absolute essential.  How you wear your hair every day can have a huge impact on your all-round look. Keep your eyes out for people on the street who have great hair, and ask them who they go to. Or search online for a well-reviewed stylist in your area. The point is not to change your natural hair, but to find a style that best fits your hair type. The easier it is to care for and style your hair, the better you will look on a daily basis, and the better you will begin to feel.

2. Use toxin-free and organic makeup and skin care

As women who may wear makeup on a daily basis, not many of us think about the impact of all these products on our skin. By opting for makeup and skin care that is free from harmful toxins, we can treat our skin better and see almost immediate positive effects. Letting your skin breathe is an important part of feeling confident. If you don’t like the sight of your skin without makeup, try to find something as light as possible, and definitely go toxin-free.

3. Buy some well-made business attire

It’s not enough to get dressed in any old suit or skirt and head out to represent your business. The way to really change your look for the better, is to start investing in high-quality professional pieces. Look for tailored pieces that have some structure and that feel soft to the touch. Buy a few 100% cotton button down shirts and some tailored trousers. You don’t need to spend tons of money to pick up a few pieces that can pull your entire wardrobe together. If you’re in a creative industry, splashes of colour with scarves and accessories, or a piece of statement jewellery can really help you stand out and represent your work in an authentic way.

4. Look after your body

This may seem obvious to most, but, when dealing with a lack of confidence, it can be difficult to keep up with even the most basic steps to take care of yourself. If you don’t already, try making these changes: Shower every day, take a bit more time with your hair, keep your nails groomed and your cuticles soft and trimmed, wear a perfume that you love. Even if you’re not feeling low, have your grooming routine down pat, so that you can be your best in a matter of minutes. Making changes in the way you go about taking care of yourself can also do wonders to regenerate the body and soul. If you typically take a rushed shower in the morning, try taking a long, luxurious bath at night instead. Then, put your hair in soft rollers and avoid the rush of showering and doing your hair in the morning.

5. Invest in cool and comfortable casuals.

The best way to change your look and keep it that way is to focus on your casuals. Sure, we can all invest in nice business clothing, but what do you wear to the grocery store or to go shopping? What do you change into at home or while you are in a home office situation –  what do you wear to a friend’s birthday party over the weekend? Having a set of casual clothing that you love to wear will change your daily routine and transform you into a different person. Also, nice casuals can be integrated into your work wardrobe to create interesting and different looks. Invest in a set of white T-shirts in a soft and high-quality fabric. Find a pair of basic denim jeans that you love. Look for cool and comfortable tops and pieces for layering. When you drop tons of money on your professional attire but live in sweats and yoga clothes the rest of time, it can take a toll on how you feel in your life.

So make sure you take care of yourself.

Love how you look when you are working inside and outside of your business! 

It can be the first step towards building your professional confidence.




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