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One of the reasons why home businesses are performing well in the current environment is on account of manageable overheads. There’s no rent to pay on out-of-home office space and, as is often the case, no full-time salaries and National Insurance to cover as home business owners tend to sub-contract work to partners and freelancers or take on flexible and part-time staff. If you’re wondering how to go about recruiting a flexible workforce, this feature is for you.

Supply meets demand

A sad repercussion of the blip in the economy has been people losing their jobs. The upside of this is a good number of quality people have come on to the market, offering their services as freelancers and independent contractors. This is good news for them (benefiting from the freedom & flexibility that comes with being your own boss) and it’s good news for all the home businesses on the look-out for talent. Here are some places to look.

For project work – check out elance.com . A huge site that operates across the globe with a database of more than 130,000 professionals who will respond to your project requests.

For more permanent work – search on sites that offer more of a personal service. One such site is flexibleskillsbank.co.uk that is currently operating in 11 areas across London and the South East, offering a niche service for small and growing businesses that have staffing requirements and want to take on flexible freelancers or employees.

Founder of the business, Karen Kennard, says:

“We understand that sometimes small businesses don’t need full time staff, or don’t have office space for new staff, so we can put you in touch with the right people who can work flexibly.”

Since being formed two years ago, Karen Kennard’s business is taking off as more people choose to work flexibly and more companies want to hire this way. The plan is to expand nationwide over the coming months.

Two others who spotted a gap in the flexible recruitment market are Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne who came together to launch remoteemployment.com on the back of personal experience of searching for freelance workers.

RecruitmentRevolution.com claims to offer ‘a refreshing approach to recruitment’ and this site too is set up to accommodate the needs of home business owners looking for the most flexible employment solution.

These latter three sites are operated by home based companies who practice what they preach when it comes to keeping costs low, being nimble and providing a top quality service to clients. They are businesses founded by talented individuals and have fast become the online gathering place for talent.


About the Author:

Emma Jones is Founder of Enterprise Nation and author of Spare Room Start Up: How to Start a Business from Home

Emma Jones

Emma Jones is Founder and Editor of Enterprise Nation, the home business website. She has successfully started two businesses from home offices in London, Manchester and rural Shropshire. Following a career with an international accountancy firm, Emma started her first home based business at the age of 27 and successfully sold it just 15 months after launch. Redbrick Enterprises Ltd was founded in 2002 to advise the public sector on effective homeworking. Spotting a gap in the market to provide information and inspiration to homeworkers, Emma launched Enterprise Nation [www.enterprisenation.com], the home business website, in January 2006. The website is a free resource for people starting and growing a business at home and has a readership of more than 390,000 people. As well as site content, there is also a free fortnightly e-newsletter and podcast. Emma’s first book on how to start a business from home Spare Room Start Up: How to Start a Business from Home will be published by Harriman House in May 2008.

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