Ten Top Tweeters to Tail

If you haven’t discovered Twitter yet, you’re missing out.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s yet another pesky online service like Facebook and LinkedIn and Ecademy, all swallowing up my valuable time.

Well, it’s not. Twitter is:

Fast – it’s a lot like text messaging.
Frugal – it won’t eat up your day.
Free – yup, it won’t cost you a penny.

So, what’s it all about? Well, think of it as being a bit like sending a text message to as many people as you want. Each ‘tweet’ is only 140 characters long, like a text message.

And who gets these messages? They’re your ‘followers’: people who choose to hear what you’ve got to say.

This means two big things:

  1. You can follow people who you find interesting – it’s a great way to pick up information fast, without wading through buckets of unwanted stuff.
  2. And you can market yourself very effectively by building up an audience of followers (they’re a bit like subscribers to a newsletter: in this case, a very short newsletter indeed).

You can sign up and play around at twitter.com.

And when you do, here are ten of our favourite tweeters for small business – try following them and you’ll not only get a great idea of what Twitter’s all about, but you’ll also pick up great help for your business too!

Ten Top Tweeters to Tail

1.   @MicrosoftSB:
Yup! Of course Microsoft’s Small Business Centre is here!

2.   @TSCB:
Bags of snappy advice from The Small Company Blog

3.   @RichardBranson:
Yup. He’s here!

4.   @SOHOBusiness:
An endless stream of one-line business advice

5.   @AlexBellinger:
Owner of the SmallBizBlog blog and podcast

6.   @DavidMcQueen:
Legendary speaker, trainer and youth advocate

7.   @MichelleDewbs:
Michelle Dewberry, Winner of the Apprentice, now owner of Chiconomise.com

8.   @DuncanBannatyne:
Yup, Dragons do Twitter too (although Duncs hasn’t quite figured it all out yet…)

9.   @FTManagement:
The Financial Times’ management blog

10. @DonaldJTrump:
Tower’s namesake and celebrity wig-wearer

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