The importance of taking time out to treat yourself

Running your own business can often feel like a 24/7 job, and it can be tempting to work long hours to get things done. Especially when you’re starting up; it can be really exciting working on plans and ideas and growing the brand, and easy to forget that amongst the hard work you need to take time for yourself too. As women we are good at multi-tasking and it seems we make use of this skill as often as possible, sometimes juggling work with family, children, friends and housework and trying to squeeze in some quality time with our partners at the end of it all.

Taking time out can increase your productivity

Without time for relaxation, it’s likely that you will begin to feel stressed. The effect of stress on your performance can be detrimental to your business. You may find you have a fall in productivity; you may struggle to make decisions and eventually begin to feel physically unwell leading to time out from the office.  A lot of us still don’t think of stress as an illness and more a lack of ability to cope, however there are now very many websites and official advice guides on the topic.

Don’t ignore it

Telling us how ignoring stress can affect  your mood, skin, heart, lungs and several other vital organs as well as affecting your personal relationships, sites like Workforce Wellness make it all the more clear that stress is real and could affect you. As you are the most important asset to your business, looking after your physical and mental wellbeing should be a regular stop off on your path to success.

…and relax

Workforce Wellness recommend that to prevent stress, you should try to practise relaxation techniques, do regular exercise,   and make sure you take holidays. Indeed, planning time to relax and recharge can be just as important as your marketing plan or cash flow analysis. It is important also to consider the effective use of time off in order to prevent and alleviate stress.  Just taking a day off here or there sometimes isn’t enough; especially if you are at home it may be tempting for you to finish chores that you missed while you were working so hard, and suddenly cleaning the grouting becomes more important than your desire to feel relaxed and pampered.

what do YOU need?

Keeping a notebook of ideas or a wish list of pampering treats can help you plan for and look forward to your relaxation time. If you’re lacking in inspiration, signing up to a regular offer or voucher code site such Kelkoo Select will keep you informed of daily deals on a range of experiences and services such as spa days, outdoor experiences, theatre and restaurants that you can enjoy alone or with your partner, friends and family.  A wise move, as not only will the vouchers save you money allowing you to indulge in a little more luxury than your usual budget might stretch to, but also purchasing a special offer and receiving a voucher will give you an incentive to plan and book your time out.

Offering friends the opportunity to save money with you will always go down well, and most of the experiences are suitable for 2 people or more. So why not add signing up on to your never ending to do list as a priority. Going for a massage or hair cut in a high end salon on a rainy day off is the perfect solution for relieving tension and helping you to relax, putting a new spring in your step leaving you feeling ready to take on the world again.

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.




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