The Two-Step Dance for Generating Successful Leads

The question which you should strive to answer and act upon each and every day in your business is

“How can I attract more enthusiastic fans to become part of my business-tribe?”

It’s no good being in business if you remain the best kept ‘secret’ in your niche, so one of the first fundamentals you must master is how to generate more qualified leads.

What this means in reality is finding ways of getting the message about your particular services in front of the folks who most need and want to hear it, and inviting them to become part of your tribe.

Who are those people?

They’re the ones who stand to benefit the most from the solution which your services offer. They are the ones who have the problem, pain, or hassle which can be overcome by your program or product, or they are people who know those folks who have this problem.

Now, it may be that your ideal prospects are not ready to take action on this problem they have, right at this moment. And that’s OK.

You see, the purpose of attracting more qualified leads in a strategic way, is that when they ARE in a position of wanting to take action – you are who they think of, and your program or service is the one they want to find out more about, to see if it’s a good fit for them.

Let’s look at an example.

If you had a dog training program especially for newly adopted rescue dogs “The Contented Canine – How to Have your Rescue Dog be a Calm Confident Member of your Family in 5 Easy Steps” you’d want to be getting your message out to :

  • New owners of rescue dogs, or those thinking of adopting a dog
  • Pet Rescue Centres
  • Small animal Veterinarians
  • Pet supply store owners


Who to create leads from:

A)   The  people who have a direct need for your solution

people who are thinking of adopting a rescue dog, or those who already have – who want the smoothest transition of integrating their new dog, which will most likely have issues from abuse, neglect, or poor ownership in the past,  into its new loving  family.

B)   the people who already have a ‘selling and servicing relationship’ with your ideal prospects

such as vets, pet supply businesses, pet rescue centres.


Leading Questions?

The way to strategically generate more leads from these groups is to ask yourself these questions :

  • “How can I increase my visibility to these groups of people?”
  • “How can I be more relevant to their needs?”
  • “How can I add value to them even before they become a client?”
  • “How can I allow them to see me as their trusted advocate?”
  • “How can I build this relationship so they know, like and trust me?”

Of course there are literally dozens of strategies to do this, but these questions should be the foundation of those strategies, if you want to build a relationship with your prospects, and have them as enthusiastic members of your tribe.

The best way to do this is through what’s called Two Step Marketing.


Two Step Marketing

Step One

Raising your profile, and creating value, and being seen as the helpful expert through offering a free relevant, high value resource for your prospect (for which they have to opt-in for on your webpage, or book a complementary session through your office). Continuing this relationship through your newsletter, emails and education based marketing.

Step Two

Offering ongoing help and solutions through your paid program or service.

Get Strategic

The strategies which will help you connect with your ideal leads in the first place (i.e. Step One activities) are many, including :

  • Speaking
    networking, online and offline events, teleseminars, webinars videos, talks.
  • Writing
    blogging, article submissions, writing a book, posting in forums, social media posting.
  • Paid advertising
    direct mail, PPC, banner advertising.
  • Joint Venturing
    guest blogging, affiliate marketing, co-promoting, endorsing, shared events.


For the example I shared above, here are some ideas for a great lead into the relationship with your prospects :

  • A short webinar on how to choose the ‘right’ rescue dog for your family / home situation
  • A tips booklet on what to expect when you go to the rescue centre (how not to end up wanting to adopt them all, and be able to keep a level head while you’re searching – if you’ve ever adopted rescue dogs, as I have, you’ll understand this one!)
  • A checklist on how to get your house dog-ready
  • A high content weekly e-zine with recommended resources, success tips for a happy adopted dog, a dog-of-the-week feature, before and after case studies etc

All of these could be complimentary resources which you can offer your prospects as the first step, with the ezine adding ongoing value. This of course can be tweaked to fit your own business offering.


What will getting these leads do?

It will position you as the expert and trusted advocate for your ideal clients.

Oh…and it will also position your paid-for services as the next logical step for your prospects to take, because they already know, like and trust you, through all your step one activities!

Prospecting for Client Gold

Of course, some of this activity may result in sales for your services right off the bat, because there will always be some prospects who see the value of your offering and want to become clients straight away. However, because most prospects will want to find out more about you first, the key outcome from all your step one activities should always be to ‘capture’ each person’s details (email address at the minimum), to get them onto your list of ideal prospects, so that you can continue the conversation with them going forwards, to build that relationship, until they are ready to become your client.

Touched for the very first time…

It’s widely accepted that most prospects need to have at least 7 ‘touches’ before they become paying clients.
In other words they need to have had multiple experiences of being connected with you, seeing how you can help them, getting a feel for whether you are someone they can feel confident in.

And two step marketing, when done correctly and authentically, gives you the vehicle to do just that!

So what can you do next?


Set aside some time to review your marketing and look at how many different strategies you have in place to invite that all important first step with your prospects.

Set Targets

Aim to have 3 different ways set up within the next month. Remember that something like a downloadable tips booklet, or an audio only needs to be created once, but can go on attracting prospects indefinitely, so it is well worth carving out the time to do this!


About the Author: Tanya Smith is known as the Marketing and Mindset Mentor. She helps Service Business Professionals (Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Trainers and Solopreneur Business Women) to consistently attract more ideal clients and make bigger profits by using back to basics simple marketing and sales strategies which work. Her approach is to show you ways to use leverage in your business, to make a bigger difference, positively impact more clients and make more sales without being left overwhelmed and time challenged. Tanya is known for simplifying the complicated, and guiding her many clients in a step-by-step approach. You can check out her FREE resources at  starting with the ‘Get More Clients Marketing Plan’ which gives you a full audit of how successful you are at getting clients now, then the 6 simple steps to rapidly boost your client attracting success, with step by step strategies and fill in the blank templates to apply in your business today.





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