Too busy for style? Our top 3 shortcuts for next season!

Business women everywhere, know they need to look their best at work and at play.  But how do you find the time to plan out your next season’s wardrobe? I’m going to show you 3 colour palettes that will shortcut the time you need to spend and hopefully will inspire you to play with your wardrobe!

As we edge closer to spring, we start to look towards our wardrobe with the desire to lighten things up. I’m eager to step out in fresh new outfit combinations so let’s spur you on to your new look for spring!

Okay, so how do you inject colour into your wardrobe? Colour always seems to be a stumbling block for many ladies. Figuring out what colours work together is often tricky.

To get inspired about colour combinations, I think the best place to look is to nature, everyday images of travel or food and art for example. These illustrate colour combinations that just work and also give alternative ways of creating outfits that you would not normally have tried.

Every season Pantone creates colour palettes of trend colours which designers and retailers will use in clothes we will be seeing in shops over the next few months. I’ve taken this palette and found three inspirational images as a shortcut, to help you save time and plan your outfits.


Shortcut 1

Spring Vision 1

This beautiful image can throw up two separate emotions and conjure up two very different outfits. On the left side we have a more alluring and arresting outfit. Deep feminine hues of purple, blues and the jewel like tones of the green can come alive in a smart after hours outfit. Punctuated only briefly by the gold ring to lift it all similar to the middle part of the flowers. Great one for ladies with olive, yellow or darker skin undertones. From this same image we can get a softer daytime look just by taking cues from the lighter parts of the image. Pink paired with a slightly bolder colour makes this an elegant look brought full circle with the scarf.


Shortcut 2

Spring vision 2

Whilst this is quite a soft picture there is a more energetic look within it. Why not take the majority of the darker base colours in the greens, muddy beige and blues and embody this in the core part of an outfit. So in this case the dress on the left is the main thing with everything else accompanying it in their own unique way. The second look is quite a dreamy chic look, taking the subtly pastel shades and giving them a little punch. Great idea for ladies who like the look of pastel colours but wearing them near the face just makes you feel quite washed out. Wear something vibrant nearer the face and still get your pastel fix at the bottom half of your body. The ring plays to the haphazard brushstrokes and gives your flashes of different colours in one delicate item.


Shortcut 3

Spring vision 3

Spring tends to throw up lots of pastels, this image gives us a superb display of the Pantone colours examples; african violet and blush. But if you look closer there are hints of oranges, yellows, green, beige, darker greys and blacks. On the left the sky features as the core part of the outfit and using the trees in the far distance to liven up the dress with the bag and scarf. The reflective silver shoe gives a gentle nod to the reflections from the streetlights. On the right, deeper into the picture the yellow-orange tones and the rooftops inspired the choice of skirt. The picture is brought alive by the stream of colour running down the middle reflected in the choice of jumper.

Build your wardrobe one picture at a time

First up chose a picture. Ask yourself what part of the picture really grabs you. Decide whether you want a darker evening outfit or something lighter for the day. Identify the lightest (and light reflections) and darkest (also in the dark shadows or colour overlapping) colours of the picture. These will then act as your base or foundation colours. Either making up the body of the outfit; as a dress or separates or your outerwear. Look at how colours sit alongside each other; is it a calming tonal effect or do they appear quite opposing or startling? By noticing this, it’s another step towards defining whether you want a more subtle look or one that is striking.

Accent colours come from colours that just pop in the picture, and can be used on their own in accessories or shoes to bring vibrancy to an outfit or to draw attention to specific parts of the body and deflect from other areas. You don’t always have to use a pop colour statement in your outfit. Identify what the common colour threads in a picture, you may like to follow a tonal one-dimensional look or just add a piece of jewellery that just ties it all together.

So go on have a little play! As the seasons change have a look at pieces of art, a landscape photo or maybe a plate of great food in front of you. Set up some boards on Pinterest inspired around your chosen image or create a physical moodboard using cuts outs from magazines. Pull out the singular colours or groupings of colours you want to play with and then either have a look online and curate your inspired outfits. When you are next in the shops take the image with you on your phone, observe the colours and create your own personal take on the new seasonal items.

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.




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