Are you missing out by not using fiverr?

And no, it’s not a spelling mistake ūüôā . I wanted to share with you a site that I’ve been aware of, but only recently started using… And I LOVE it! I think some of the services that you can buy on fiverr are pure genius! If you just take a look at their blog you can see some of the fabulous, off the wall stuff that people are willing to do for $5 (I’m seriously considering getting Dancing Dror to do a moxie club dance for us…)

So what is fiverr?

Essentially it’s a marketplace. It brings together buyers with sellers who are willing to do an amazing array of things for $5, just over ¬£3 in real money. I suspect it’s quite easy to get a fiverr addiction at that kind of price. You’ll be amazed at what’s on offer – I was inspired to write this article after I bought a graphic for our moxie club ¬†this week (btw, check out our vision board video in the sidebar from our last moxie club – we had such a blast!), but you can buy almost ANYTHING.

The process is really straightforward. You select the service that you want to buy, you’ll be asked to register your details – and they don’t go overboard on this, name, username and email address is all they’re looking for. You then select the service that you want to buy, pay via PayPal and then usually you will have to give instructions to the seller. It really couldn’t be simpler. They also have an option to review the seller and you can read what others have said.

So far I have only used sellers that have been on fiverr for a while, but have been really happy with the results. I think it’s particularly good for some bespoke graphics work but as you can see from the examples and experiences below, it can be used for load of things!

What can you use for?

1. Launch a business

Nicola Cairncross from The Business Success Factory regularly uses fiverr to get her new business ideas off the ground (yes, reallly!). She predominantly uses it for graphic design. ¬†Once ¬†she has decided on a domain name she outsources the blog header design, signature logo and favicon to about 4 designers with high ranking on fiverr. ¬†For the $20 she gets a range of designs to choose from and is always happy with the results. ¬†Once she has her new site setup, she creates a facebook fan page and twitter account, then goes back to fiverr and hires a couple of people to send their Facebook fans and Twitter followers to her Facebook / Twitter sites to “like” or “follow”. ¬†This allows her to get her new online business off to a flying viral “word of mouth” start for a sum total of about $40. ¬†Not bad going!

2. Promote your content

Daniel Pati wrote a press release for a financial company and then paid fiverr sellers with large Twitter followings to tweet the link to it. Daniel told us that he found the process straightforward and was really happy with the results.

Bethanny Mooradianfrom¬†¬†also¬†used in similar way. ¬†For the first project she worked with a woman who wrote a press release for her book release and another with someone who re-did her facebook fan page. ¬†In both these cases ¬†the communication was quick easy and efficient and she would use them again… but it was not all smooth sailing. ¬†On a third project, after spending her $5 she didn’t get any response from the seller, so needed to get a refund from fiverr, which thankfully was really straightforward.

3. Creating cool promotion pieces

Nick, from Tech Nick Consulting used fiverr to create fun graphics and videos for his site.  You can see some of the graphics that he had made here on his facebook page and watch the (very short) video that he had made below.  While he found the experience really straightforward, the communication with the sellers was variable, so so suggested that it really pays to spend a little time reading the reviews for the sellers before investing your money.

You can see the other one here

4. Voiceover

This example comes from Josh Liu from  Minute Box have a series of videos that they use to promote their services and bought voice over expertise for $5 per minute Рat this rate it was significantly cheaper than the professional voiceover service they had used in the past.  The seller was very clear that there would be no re-record so they knew what they were getting.  Josh was pretty happy with the service rating it a 7 out of 10 and definitely worth the price.  You can see the video with voice over here.

5. Christmas cards, custom cartoons and handmade gifts

As you can see, the list goes on!  Tamsin Fox-Davies one of our favourite marketing experts has used fiverr a lot for both business and personal activities.  Again, Tamsin found the fiverr process really straightforward and the communication process very simple and clear.   After purchase, she had additional requirements on two of her projects, and found that the sellers were willling to make the required updates within the original fee (though this is probably not the case with all providers!).  She was so impressed that she paid one of them twice.   She has kindly shared some examples of the work that she had done.  I love the social media christmas card.

And the video that she commissioned, but hasn’t used…

[vimeo clip_id=”27326927″ width=”600″ height=”338″]


Top tips for using fiverr

1. Know what you want

It can be easy to get caught up in all the fantastic stuff that’s on offer in fiverr. ¬†When you go in, have a pretty good idea about what you are looking for. ¬†Their search is pretty good, for example if you look up ” fun video” you’ll get a list of some great video options (check out the 20th century fox video intro)

2. Check out the reviews of the seller

This is an obvious one, but every person from above said that reviews were a major factor in their decision to work with a seller

3. Search by ratings

When you are shortlisting suppliers make sure you search by ratings as this will give you both experienced fiverr sellers and happy customer experiences!

4. Be clear in your communication

Make sure you are absolutely clear about what you want as you don’t get second chances (unless you are Tamsin of course!). ¬†The more detailed you are about your requirements, the more likely it will be what ¬†you are looking for.

5. Don’t be afraid to invest with more than one supplier (at $5 you can probably afford to!) and have fun with it!

If you have used fiverr on your site, feel free to share your examples in the comments!

Julie Hall

Business Mentor & founder of Women Unlimited

Julie is the founder of Women Unlimited and a business mentor to women who know they are ready to step into their leadership. She works closely with them to help them remove the blocks that hold them back and achieve their business goals. Clarity, Focus, Strategy, Mindset and Marketing.

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