What makes a trailblazer?

Are you a trail-blazer? Are you creating you own unique path in life? Or do you prefer to follow in the footsteps of people who have gone ahead of you?

A trail-blazer views the world as a sea of change. Always poised for transformation. In recent decades change has gained momentum, creating continually increasing cycles of opportunity. When we view the world in this way – we recognise possibilities for the world to adapt to our vision. We’re less compelled to adapt ourselves in order to fit into what’s already there.

Not long ago, women entrepreneurs were rare. They were doing something few women had done before. They were trail-blazers. They faced unique challenges and revealed new opportunities. By now, this particular trail has been well and truly established. Women have been successfully going into business for decades. And the trend is growing.

Trailblazing isn’t always about the ‘what’. It’s very often in the ‘how’. Anita Roddick famously blazed a trail in ethical marketing with her enterprise The Body Shop. When she opened her first store in 1976, ethical marketing did exist. However, it was confined to fringe markets and cottage industries. It was certainly not a significant concern in the cosmetic industry. Today the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world is strongly focused on environmental and trading ethics. This, as a direct result of how she did what she did. Not only that, but ethical marketing is king across most consumer markets. Now that’s trail blazing!

Quick Guide to Trail blazing

Trail-blazers rarely set out to blaze a trail per se. So what brings out a trail-blazer? One word. Vision. Seeing an untapped opportunity. Desiring a specific change in the world. Or a burning question needing answered.

Whatever the vision – it needs to connect to the trail-blazer’s inner compass. Their core values. Once these light up, the trail-blazer is compelled to follow through. This is the trail-blazer’s fuel line. It helps them immeasurably as they pursue their vision. With it they have the optimism to deal with challenges and criticism, the enthusiasm to attract good partners and the determination to find new solutions when they fail.

We all have a trail-blazer in us. We’re all unique. Living and responding according to our own core values. A trail-blazer starts with who they are. What makes them tick. What gets them excited.

“You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it.”
Barbra Streisand, Director, Actress, Singer

Decide what it is you’d most love to create in your life / in this world. Explore your ideas in terms of the values you’d like to enhance. If you’re in business, this is your opportunity to be truly inspired as you grow with your enterprise. You may discover a new how possibility. What connects so deeply with your core values, you can feel yourself buzz with excitement at the very thought of it? There’s where you’ll find your
trail to blaze. Now, trust it!

All trail-blazers take some ‘wrong’ turns. They collaborate with inappropriate partners, they make poor investments or they’re diverted from their path. The trailblazer holds the vision paramount through all of this. They use their vision to navigate through challenges and learn from their mistakes. They apply what they learn to the vision and to their actions in achieving it. No outcome or feedback is discarded as a waste of time and energy. It all gets harvested for its resources.

“These resources are constantly growing to help maximise the possibility of success. I have learnt more from my failures than my successes” Richard Branson, Entrepreneur

When you make a ‘wrong’ turn (and you will!) learn from it and use it to move forwards. Trail blazing can involve a lot of wrong turns. Learn from your feedback – positive and negative – and act on that learning.

However you blaze it, it’s your trail. Blaze it for your own delight and pleasure. The still depths of your authentic self will provide you with your most inspiring and invigorating route, as you journey on your unique life.

Have a great ride, fellow trail-blazer!


About the Author:  Lorna Hutcheon is a professional life coach with a background in the arts. She combines her creativity with a deep intuitive connection to inspired learning through life. She embraces challenges and persists with her own learning and development. She’s a Master Practitioner in nlp and uses some of these applications to effectively assist her clients in creating the life they desire.

0141 332 2107

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