What to do when your world falls apart. A Simple 5 step process for rapid recovery from emotional shock.

When you have a setback you get a rush of thoughts and emotions, you try everything to stop them but they keep flooding in. How do you get back into the good space again?

First here are few things to avoid

DON’T blame others. It might make you feel a little better in the short term but long term it’s damaging to relationships and doesn’t’ solve the problem

DON’T blame yourself. It will just make you feel bad and damage your self esteem.

DON’T try to numb out. You know what I’m talking about. Eating chocolate, having a drink because “you’ve had an awful day”, watching TV or surfing the internet. It distracts you but doesn’t solve the problem.

Instead here is a simple 5 step process that enables you to simply and easily recover from any set back.

Give yourself some time to really feel what you feel.

We get socialized to block out and numb out our emotions, to pretend not to feel them so we don’t’ give ourselves time to feel our disappointment, upset, anger or whatever label the emotion is.  So take some time out and really allow yourself to feel what you feel. Don’t try to block it or stop it, just feel it.

Remember that all setbacks are there to help you learn and grow.

So as the emotions start to ease off, start to ask yourself some questions that will empower you… like: what could I do differently next time? How can I change this? What do I need to learn from this? How can I use to grow bigger than this problem? Everything that happens has its root cause somewhere in the past. It might be a thought a word or an action. Ask the right questions and you can move away from being “problem focussed” to feeling Ok no matter what is going on.

Develop a sense of trust that all is well.

Nothing is ever lost – it just gets moved around. So you never really lose anything. It will come back to you. You WILL recover. Don’t think about things in terms of “mistakes”. Imagine that nothing is a mistake, that everything is unfolding perfectly. Ask yourself “what if this was the best thing that ever happened to me? What would a likly outcome have to be for that to be true?” Even if that doesn’t happen, just thinking it will make you feel better in a positive way.

Find the hidden opportunity.

Napoleon Hill says that opportunity usually comes disguised as a setback. So dig a bit deeper and find the hidden opportunity. If you do this you will be one of the rare few people who do this – and those rare few end up being the successful ones.

Consider doing some personal development work to improve your emotional resilience.

Just like exercising to improve your body, you can improve your emotional and mental strength too with coaching, which is specifically designed to move people forward in all ways.

And now I would like to invite you to claim your free instant access to emotional resilience online course from http://www.psycademy.co.uk/emotional-resillience/

About the Author: Lisa Turner and Psycademy – Leaders in Spiritual and Psychic Development. Dr. Lisa turner specialises in helping people to evolve and develop their intuition and inner strength and confidence so that they can solve life’s problems and rise above circumstances. She assists them to realise that they have more power and control over their lives than they could ever imagine. Psycademy is the only company to offer a professional certified psychic and spiritual practitioner training.

Lisa facilitates profound transformation and she’s proud of the 95% success rate experienced by her clients and students, i.e.  95% of clients get the transformation or skills they came for or MORE!

Be the change that you want to see. Step into your leadership.


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