When life knocks you down – 5 tips for entrepreneurs

It happens – people get sick, depressed, long-term relationships end, etc. – your personal life can and will get in the way of your business at some point. You can’t plan for these types of things, so how do you hold up your business fort when you still have paying clients and your life just takes a really bad turn?

Schedule a holiday

Now would be a wonderful time to go on an impromptu vacation with friends or family. Whether it lasts for just a weekend, a week or more, something to look forward to in the near future will help you get your mind off things. The sooner you are able to go, the better. Surround yourself with people who love you so you don’t feel isolated. Explore and experience new things. Perhaps you will even become inspired to work again soon thereafter.

Forget the time-stealers and focus on client work

Don’t let social media, blogging and blog-reading steal your time, perhaps only for the important updates (like a 6 month entrepreneur anniversary!) or if you have an urge to share something. Not only will they steal your precious time, they will get you more down, especially keeping yourself updated on others blogs – their success will make you feel like you are failing, even though you have the right to take a break. If you only have enough energy to work a few hours a day, you should be focusing on your paying clients instead. The added bonus with focusing on client work is that it allows you to escape your personal problems for a little while, because the work you are helping your clients with feels more important than your troubles.

Do one small task each day

I’m a fan of Michael Nobbs over at Sustainably Creative, and although we do not share circumstances, I listen to his podcasts often – they are short, very meditative to listen to and his laugh is positively smile inducing! His advice of doing one small (creative) task every day when you have limited energy comes in handy when life knocks you out. As long as you have spent a few hours each day doing something that in some way moves your business forward or keeps your clients happy, you have made progress for the day.

Take a break – you need to heal

After your few hours of work is done for the day, take a break. Or if you can take a day or two off, do it. This may happen automatically as you probably don’t have either the energy, focus or drive to keep working on your business. Don’t beat yourself up about it, allow yourself time to heal and don’t feel guilty about taking time off from your business – go for walks, spend time with friends and family, watch movies, create art only for you, etc. You need this time to regenerate and reorganize your thoughts and mindset and you will know when you are ready to really start submerging yourself in your work again.

And finally – immerse yourself in your work

When you are ready, and you will know when you are, don’t just start working again but immerse yourself in your work. Surround yourself with your business, new ideas, brainstorming, new creative blog posts, a refreshing “new” look at your business and enjoy it. Find the joy in your work again and give yourself fully to your business and clients. Your new-found energy and attention towards your business will spark creativity and motivation, and allow you to continue with a more positive outlook and mindset.


By Carina Claire Jeppesen . Carina Claire Jeppesen is a web designer and a branding and communications specialist, who founded the company Web Couture Ltd in the UK. Her clients and work varies from redesigning personal websites, to conducting interviews and writing annual reports for multinational companies, to creating infographics for nonprofits. Visit http://webcouture.com for more information.


Oh no, it’s Friday the 13th. Let’s hope those myths don’t help to knock us down today! Let us know if you’ve had any set backs, especially today, in the comments below and if you’ve got back on track again, please share how you did it!

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