How to turn worry into success

Successful women business owners know how to consistently take positive productive action toward their business-building goals. Success in business also means learning how to take day-to-day worry and turn it into proactive and results-oriented action.

Being a business owner, especially in an uncertain economy, can come with worries:

  • Where will I find new customers?
  • How can I retain the customers I have now?
  • How can I grow my business on a limited budget?
  • Is social networking worth my time and energy?
  • Should I advertise?
  • Should I learn new skills?
  • How can I effectively balance home and work?
  • Do I really need to write goals?
  • How do I organize all my paper work and records?

The list of “worries” could be endless!

I know from personal experience and working with other women business owners that there are times when you can literally worry yourself into inaction. Inaction can easily grow into an almost paralyzing anxiety. Worry is not going to bring new customers nor build a highly profitable business. In fact, worry can do just the opposite because it hampers our ability to think and act like successful entrepreneurs. Giving into worry, gives away the power to succeed.

Online defines worry as: To be or cause to be anxious or uneasy, especially about something uncertain or potentially dangerous; to disturb the peace of mind.

A vital key to entrepreneurial success is learning how to turn worry into action and action into personal, professional and financial achievement. Here are some suggestions for turning worry into positive action:

1. Breathe.

Make the time to sit and think logically. Worry can produce a variety of negative emotions and negative emotions generally produce negative results. It’s time to make a list of all the positive things you can do to grow your business. Just making time to sit and think often starts the creative process and creativity can shed new light on day-to-day challenges.

2. Stay focused on the big picture.

Look at your short and long-term goals. Develop a day-to-day and month-to-month plan of action for going consistently toward your business-building goals.

3. Organize your day.

I’m a believer in bite-sized pieces. The big picture can seem overwhelming until you break your goals into smaller doable pieces. Each positive task you accomplish can take you one step closer toward reaching your goals. Have you taken an inventory of how you’re running your day-to-day business?

4. Commit to moneymaking activities.

What business owner doesn’t like to make money? Seeing money flow consistently into your business account can ease worry in a hurry. If you’re concerned about money ask yourself how you can make more money. Make a list of possibilities and start consistently working your list.

5. Know when it is time to change strategies.

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. Is it time to regroup and rethink about how you are operating your business? Is it time to ask for advice or counsel?

Bottom line: Worry is unproductive. We have choices – we can use our time and energy to worry or we can use our time and energy to build successful businesses. I’m choosing success!

About the author: I’m Sharon and my business is dedicated to empowering and coaching women in business. I show women entrepreneurs how to build a successful business by empowering themselves and enhancing their business-building skills. I invite you to subscribe to my free weekly Ezine, Unlimited Success for Women In just minutes a week I can show you how to successfully grow yourself and your business, make more money and have more time to enjoy your life! Subscribe here:

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