Yo Sushi entrepreneur tells us his secrets to success

Simon Woodroffe is one of the UK’s most successful, celebrated and unique entrepreneurs. He is a straight-talking, no-nonsense businessman who thrives on dishing out advice to people who, like him, want to take their big idea and turn it into reality.

Woodroffe left school at 16 and went into showbiz. 25 years later, he decided to open a concept restaurant, YO! Sushi, and put everything he owned on the line to launch the business. YO! Sushi was an overnight success, and Woodroffe was immediately offered £1 million to sell the business. He didn’t, and instead decided to expand his company. Today, Woodroffe has a number of businesses under the YO! Company brand, all of which challenge the industry and market they are in, and all of which are bound to be highly successful.

In this clip from a recent interview with Woodroffe, he shares his thoughts on the secret to making it in business.

Whether you are in business, thinking of starting up or have a great idea which you want to launch, take a few minutes to soak up what Woodroffe has to say.


Julie Hall

Business Mentor & founder of Women Unlimited

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