You Can Have It All… When You Believe You Can

Yes, you really can have it all. In fact, there are hundreds of “gurus” standing ready to tell you just what you need to do to qualify. On this subject there are books to read and websites to explore. Perhaps you’ve read/explored them all and here you are still searching for the right path, still on your quest for the secret to getting your piece of the pie of success.

Here’s a quick tip. You must first know what it is you’re searching for. Yeah, I know: Wealth – Freedom – Lifestyle, success, abundance, and they’re all worthy quests but what do they mean? I’m not looking for Webster’s definition but rather what they mean to you. In order to manifest (bring into your life) anything, you must first know what it is. It’s necessary to have an absolute and clear picture in your mind of specifically what it is you want. To approach your quest to have it all in any other way is the same as packing your car for a motor trip, filling the tank and taking off with no idea where you want to go. Admittedly that could be a great adventure under some circumstances, just not in the case of your journey to success.


An example of the meaning of Wealth-Freedom-Lifestyle and having it all could be having a life of total abundance in all areas. That means all the money you need to pursue the life you’ve dreamed of and the wellness and freedom necessary to enjoy the abundance of the dream-come-true. You must know exactly what it is you want.

Visualisation is Key

Once you know precisely what it is you want, write it down and if it’s tangible get a picture of it and post it where you’ll see it frequently throughout the day.  Visualization is the key. Visualize yourself owning it. If it’s a house, for example, begin to live in it in your mind. If you don’t have an actual picture of the house, sketch one so you can carry it wherever you go and/or post it where you’ll see it throughout the day. Decorate it in detail right down to the candlesticks and candles on the dining room sideboard. When you’re out shopping, get pictures of exact items that will go in your new house. When the house is completely decorated begin the landscaping.

When all those steps have been taken, your job is not to figure out how to get the house; the Universe will take care of that. What you need to do is know that you already have the house, furniture and everything down to those candlesticks on the dining room side board. You must believe it is all already yours if you are to manifest it. To allow yourself to be in a state of wanting will keep you in a state of wanting.

Perhaps that’s a bit difficult to get your head around right now, but stay with me for just a minute. Think about this scenario: It’s your birthday and some of your friends invite you to their house for dinner and when you arrive you realize it’s a surprise birthday party for you.  I’m at this party and give you a birthday present, let’s say a new leather brief case…one you’ve always wanted and you love it but in the excitement of the party you go home without it. Now, let me ask you, do you own the leather brief case you’ve always wanted? Sure you do. You have no doubt that it’s yours you just don’t, at the moment, have it in your possession. It’s the same with wealth or anything else you want.

“Yeah”, you say, “but the brief case was given to me. No one is going to give me their house.” Maybe not (although that’s not entirely out of the question) but almost everything you’ll ever want in life is currently in the possession of someone else.

Being Frank

Frank, one of my clients, has first-hand knowledge of that. He saw a house that he fell in love with. At the time there was no way he could afford it. Did he let that stop him, of course not? He drove by the house with his camera and took pictures of it for his “visualization board,” a cork board on which he tacked a picture of everything he claimed for himself. He went so far as to look up the owner of the house and ask him how much he wanted for it. The owner was annoyed and told him it was his family’s dream home and it would NEVER be for sale and hung up on him. Frank called back and left his name and number on the guy’s answering machine with a message to the effect of… “Things change. Just know I’m here if you ever do decide to sell.”

Frank and his wife began immediately to select the furnishings. Each time they made a selection they put a picture of it on the “visualization board.” Friends thought they were crazy because it was obvious that Frank could NOT afford the pool house on the other side of the pool, much less the main house. Then there was that little matter of the fact that the current owner had told him the house would NEVER be for sale. Frank and his wife ignored all the so-called facts and in no time at all had the house pretty well furnished (in their minds and on the “visualization board”).

As time passed Frank’s business started to grow by leaps and bounds. Friends asked when he was going to leave the neighborhood in which he was currently living and buy something a little larger to accommodate his new family. He and his wife had just learned that they would be blessed with twin baby boys in about 8 months. The house they were living in was, as some described it, a closet with a bathroom and a kitchenette.

Things Change

Five months before the anticipated birth of his twin sons, the phone rang and it was the owner of THE HOUSE, Frank’s house, as he had grown to think of it. Due to a family situation the owner had to sell and sell fast. Frank not only got the house, he got it at a great price. His wife began immediately to phone all the stores where they had selected furniture and made arrangements to have the furniture delivered to their new home. The only problem, if you can call it that, was that they had overlooked that fact that they would need patio furniture for around the pool.

Frank was not going to let little things such as the house not being for sale and his not being able to afford it get in his way. He claimed the house and he and his wife began living in it in their minds. Today they are living very happily in their home, the home that became theirs in their minds, on their “visualization board” and today in reality.


About the Author: J.Sewell Perkins is a Life and Business Development Coach and an acclaimed Marketing Strategist for well over two decades J.S. (as she is called), works with national and international corporations, corporate leaders, organizations and small business owners interested in taking their companies to the next level. She was recently voted one of the top ten CEO Coaches in the world along with the likes of Anthony Robbins and Wayne Dyer. Additionally she coaches many individuals who are seeking to change their lives for the better and realize their maximum potential.  Find out more at
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