Your brain is like Google: just type in ‘I’m awesome’ and rank no.1

We are all made of energy and at any given moment you are vibrating at a certain frequency. You will have had the experience of feeling a good or a bad ‘vibe’ and you will have also had the experience of being on a ‘high’ or a ‘low’.

How thoughts and feelings dictate your vibe

The frequency of your vibe is dictated by your feelings and your feelings are dictated by the thoughts that you think. If I ask you right now to think back to your favourite holiday ever, remember the smells, the temperature, the sights and how you felt you would soon return to that state, and as a result your energy will change. You would feel good. The same would apply if I took you back to a moment of unhappiness or distress.

We are around 90 -95% unconscious beings and so mostly we go around in life vibrating at the frequency that surrounds us rather than consciously controlling how we feel and therefore the frequency we are operating from. You can see this at work when you visit a cinema. Consciously you know that you are sitting in a cinema in a chair, that there are other people also sitting in the same room, you know that the film is being projected from a light at the back of the room and you know that these are actors and actresses performing roles with scripts and costumes. You even know who wrote the script and who directed the film because they tell you at the beginning. So how come, ten minutes in, you can be crying, laughing, feeling sadness or joy and generally getting carried along by the mood of the film despite consciously knowing that it’s all made up?

Control your unconscious

Your unconscious is easily fooled and will gladly follow whatever instructions you feed it. The problem here is that we are frequently telling our unconscious minds negative and disempowering stories. But the good news is that you can control everything and anything that is received by your unconscious mind and therefore you can control the frequency at which you operate.

Whatever image you create and hold in your mind will imprint on your subconscious and your energy resonates accordingly.  We’ve just won a record number of gold medals in the London Olympics. Our athletes didn’t do that by standing there thinking ‘they’re all better than me’ at the start line!

Our highly charged emotions create highly charged electromagnetic wave patterns of energy, making us powerful but potentially volatile human magnets. It only takes 16 seconds for your vibe to match your feelings. So every time you allow yourself to think negative thoughts you will start to feel bad – you are, in fact, altering your entire vibrational force field, and this can have serious consequences because whatever we’re feeling we’re vibrating, and whatever we’re vibrating we’re attracting. You will be familiar with the expression ‘like attracts like’ and this applies to you too. If you are giving out ‘not good enough’ or ‘I’m going to get found out’ vibes then that is what you will attract. All things in harmony with your vibe will be attracted in.

The power of negative thought

On some of our programmes we do a very interesting demonstration of this at work. We will ask a student to hold out their arm at shoulder height. When I apply pressure to the arm they are able to keep the arm up by resisting me. When I ask them to call to mind a happy, loving experience and focus their energy on love, their arm not only continues to resist my pushing down on it but I often I feel an even greater strength from them as their arm turns to a rod of steel. Something very interesting happens when I then ask them to think of something negative and to say things to themselves like ‘I am bad, I am a failure’. On this round, even when I do the negative one first and their arms are not tired, they cannot resist the pressure, their arm goes weak and I am able to push it down. That is the power of your thoughts and feelings on your vibe – they quite literally give you or rob you of your strength.

As you go through your day, begin to realise that moment-by-moment YOU are choosing the way you feel. No-one can MAKE you feel anything. You are the driver of the vehicle called Your Life, not the passenger. Even when life throws you what feels like a car crash, you are still in control of your reaction to it and the energy you give it, for better or for worse. You are always giving off a vibe and it is always attracting in more of the same. If you wake up and immediately start grumbling to yourself, then just watch how that day goes. If instead you start to challenge any negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones you will soon begin to see things shift for the better.

Challenge your thoughts

Firstly, you can simply challenge the thoughts that you have. That little voice in your head can be your best friend or the worst commentator in the world – and you are totally in control of it. When I notice I’m having a conversation with myself that I don’t like, I just hang up, as if it was a nuisance phone call. It takes 16 seconds for your feelings to affect your vibe, so that gives you a head start to catch yourself and think something more positive instead. It can take a little getting used to but it can also be good fun. If strangers in the street could hear my inner voice they’d probably send me off in a straight jacket! I spend much of my life rephrasing the thoughts that I have and consciously challenging the limiting thoughts and beliefs that I hold. You may have heard the saying ‘fake it till you make it’ and many of these processes will require you to do just that. You can trick yourself into believing anything.

The Reticular Activating System – your brain’s very own Google

Not only does this kind of thinking alter your vibrational state it also acts as a filter to what you experience in the world. You have a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System which is a bit like your brain’s very own Google search tool! As I said previously we are around 95% unconscious beings, meaning that our unconscious minds are busily taking care of things that would fry our conscious minds if it had to deal with them; blinking, breathing, digesting food, noticing far off sights, knowing that the carpet is green, feeling the heat of the sun, producing adrenaline when an explosion sounds… the list goes on.

We are bombarded by around 2 million bits of information per second. Yes, 2 MILLION! If your poor little conscious / logical brain attempted to make sense of that, you would literally have a neural breakdown. And this is where the Reticular Activating System (RAS) comes in. It is your very own filing and sorting office in your brain. The RAS will quietly file away all things not related to your current search terms and will only bring to your conscious awareness that which it deems important to you in any given moment. Your job is to ensure that you are informing it of what’s important and what to search for. So, if you tell yourself that ‘I’m not as good as my competitors’ your RAS will only seek to furnish you with proof of this. It acts like the filter on a camera – when you put the filter on, everything appears orange (ie all the competition seems fierce). When you put a different filter on, the whole world looks fresh – or all the customers seem to want you! Seek and thou shalt find!

So go ahead, your challenge for the month should you choose to accept it is – Type in ‘I’M AWESOME’ and watch as you shoot to number one!

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Salli Glover is an inspirational & energetic presenter, trainer & coach, With 20 year’s experience of developing individuals, teams & organisations across a range of sectors. Salli breathes life into all of her interventions and as a master NLP practitioner and trainer she sprinkles in a little bit of extra magic too! Salli is the founder of Scarlett, a ground breaking 12 month programme for high achieving women. visit .Salli is the author of 3 published self help books for children & young people in the UK and Motivation MOT – a stiletto up the rear loosely disguised as a free e-book

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