Your website rankings: easy mistakes to avoid

When we work with small business and assist them with improving their rankings, one of the first things we advice is to take a look at your competitors. Why are they coming up higher in the local search results? Review what you can do to help your website rank better.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Leaving out local words.

Make sure that your city, state, county even neighbourhood are listed in your keywords. Use them on your home page when you describe your product or service. Use these local words throughout your website. With the recent changes in Google Places, this becomes even more important. Depending on the search word or phrase, local listings will come up in the rankings before organic listings.

Your phone number.

First of all, make sure you have a phone number on your website and a way to contact you besides just an address or email. I am amazed at how many websites are missing this important piece of information. Is the phone listed an 800 number? Be sure to include a local number also. People want to know that you are located right where they are looking.

Spelling errors.

If there are words that are commonly misspelled in your industry, you should use them in your keyword tag, however, your website should be spelling error free. My partner will immediately dismiss a website if there are spelling or grammar errors, even if what they offer is interesting. I am a little more tolerant because I know that I make mistakes often. You don’t want to limit your audience because of mistakes that can easily be corrected.

Don’t leave words out of your website.

People look for more than just the name of your product or service. If you are in pest control, use terms such as termite inspection, red ant hills, flying insects and other terms people would use when looking for pest control. Don’t be afraid to use what is referred to as long tail key words. These are phrases that involve several words, for example, termite inspection in Carolina Forest. Use these terms in your content and you will be at the top of the search results when they are used by your target audience in the search text box.

Are you using your company name?

Review your website for terms such as “we” or “our company.” Replace them with the actual name of your company. When a neighbor recommends you, people will search on your name – make sure you are found.

Fully describe what you do.

Use more than one way to describe what you do. How would your ideal customer classify your business? If you are a real estate agent, don’t just say we sell houses. Pick a niche market and make it clear on your website the in which you specialize. Generalists don’t appeal to the their audience. I want to know that you are speaking to me and that you understand my problem.

Pay attention to your page tags.

Make sure that you have listed your company name, described what you do and the problem that you solve. Include your location and how people can reach you. Paying attention to the details will increase your rankings. These mistakes are very common and you will stand out from the crowd if you take the time to review your website and fix them. Take some time today to look at your competitor’s rankings and what they are doing to rank high in the search engines.

About the author: I’m Sue White.  For over 25 years training has been in my blood. I love to train business people how to make small changes that can bring big results. has been under development for over a year and is the culmination of several years of research. We bring together professionals in their field to provide webinar training to business professionals on a wide variety of topics.  Feel free to contact me I look forward to hearing from you.

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